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we are in clan wars today and it starts in one hour see you tjere 1LT NAKED OUT
*continued* TBG Proxy, Stunningstyles, Awesome practice
Domination Strikezone, S&D Warhawk, Freight Blitz, Octane Domination. Players: Me, TBG Assassin3, SupressedDemon, TBG MrKrabbs, TBG Deadpool, J4CK440, xxxBigmoney6xxx,Choc oalateSaint,
Practice attendance
Good job in clan wars
Greta job making a run in clan wars so far this week everyone! Let's finish clan wars strong in everyone barracks.
I will be on as well as soon as I get back in town. I will be on the X1 since my 360 is going out. If anyone wants to team up let me know.
Ok guys, as I type this Pandora is at 515 and the 2nd place team is at 513, let's get on and take back some nodes so we can maintain 1st place. I will get on after work. See you out there!
Hey everybody look who made a come back in clan wars! That's right pandora did! Good job guys! Now let's keep it up so we can win another one in a row and start are winning streak!
Clan Wars this week guys/gals....lets be ready and show the world once again who TBG is.
These new affiliates are awesome! Need the glasses lol.
team scrimmsss
TBG Godzz we dont post practice attendance here. get with me today and ill show you or explain where to post properly.
PRACTICE ATTENDANCE Blitz freight / sovereign s&d -TBG Insydious -TBG Assassin3 -Dark Hawk102 -cRe stylezZ -TBG RAGE -TBG SHOTT K1LLERMAN78 -VocalRastaman -me -bloody raft XD -TBG Shadow1
I have a lot of fan art type stuff from photoshop stuff!!! I'm pretty good with the emblems message me if you know anything
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If you have a TWITCH channel on, and would like to have your broadcasts appear on the TrueBornGamers website, then please send the EMBED code for your channel to TBG Z0MB13R34PR in a Private Message. I am trying to get a few of these together to create a TWITCH page on the website so our members and others can watch us play.

Reaper OUT!


TBG Z0MB13R34PR a posted Jul 12, 14

True Born Gamers is excited to announce our affiliation with Cinch Gaming. Cinch Gaming is a "for gamers by gamers" business. Their technical staff has been modding consoles and controllers since the XBOX 360 was launched. Cinch Gaming specializes in Tournament and eSports game controllers for both the XBOX and Playstation console platforms. Cinch gives gamers exactly what they want in a game controller and at a competitive price. Their focus is to provide both professional and amateur eSports teams with game controllers to help them rise above the competition. Cinch Gaming's price is unbeatable. Use the code "TrueBornGamers" for 5% off at checkout. Proceeds will support True Born Gamers as a clan and make tournaments and prizes all the better

True Born Gamers is now affiliated with NoScope glasses! NoScope glasses formed to fill the need of gamers and computer users who suffer from eye strain, fatigue, insomnia, and dry eyes caused by harsh computer lights. If you feel like your eyes get strained from looking at a monitor for too long or experience headaches and other annoyances, a filter between your eyes and the screen can help with these issues. Before NoScope, there was no cost effective solution to this problem. They feel that you shouldn’t have to spend $100+ in order to have a pair of glasses that protect your eyes while working or gaming. Their tinted, resin coated lenses will filter out harsh blue lights from electronic devices, TV screens, computer monitors, and phones, and help you focus while working and gaming. This is our affiliation link to their pair of gaming glasses: (use this link to get TBG discounts.

True Born Gamers is now the 10th LARGEST XBOX 360 Clan on Enjin.


Enjin will be performing server upgrades on Monday June 2 at 10:00AM EST-2:00pm EST to increase speed and performance of all websites.

Websites will remain online during most of this window, but there is a possibility of intermittent service interruptions during the 4 hour period.

Thanks for your patience,
- Enjin team
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